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Still Light At Night CD Cover

Welcome to the press site for the Patricia Julien Project. Here you can find information about the group, audio samples, print- and web-ready images of the group, and contact information.

The Patricia Julien Project is a jazz quartet (flute, guitar, bass, and drums) based in Burlington, Vermont. The Project has three composers on board, so its gigs are chock full of original tunes, along with a healthy smattering of cover tunes by contemporary composers such as John Scofield, Wayne Shorter, and Thomas Chapin.

The Project’s repertoire ranges over several styles of jazz, from edgy funk to straight-ahead, all made cohesive by a tasteful, minimalist aesthetic, tight musicianship, and a genuine group vibe that lets you know this is a real group, not just a bunch of players who get together once in a while.

The Project’s latest release is “Still Light At Night”. The album features eleven original jazz tunes ranging from up and straight ahead, to medium groovy and funky, to slow and mellow. CDs are available through CDBaby.com, and MP3s available on iTunes.